our story:

risand & Glen


Glen is highly allergic to opioids and narcotics so our pain management choices were very limited. We even tried THC but Glen did not like the feeling of being high! So here we are! CBD has completely turned our lives, even our marriage around!

I started putting CBD in his favorite treats to make taking his "medication" enjoyable. Once our family and friends saw the difference it made in his life, they wanted to experience the pain relief themselves.

I'm so thankful that I'm able to help people, and I'm thankful you're here!

Hi, I'm Risand!


My story, and the origins of The Jar Spot story starts with my husband Glen; his story is my story. The Jar Spot was inspired by his pain and the need to function without medication. 


Due to the severity of his pain, he couldn't sleep at night so his doctor tried sleep studies. When he did sleep, at times he would snore so loud it could wake the entire house, and some night he would stop breathing.